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LittleDoc is a children’s empathy company that focuses on answering tough health questions that kids often ask their parents. Through an array of games, books, and apps, LittleDoc creates a space where any health topic can be discussed openly.


LittleDoc started when I was babysitting a young girl who blurted out while playing with her toys, “Marin can’t have peanuts, so we can’t have peanuts!” This simple statement from a four year old led me to believe that with her lack of information came a lack of empathy. LittleDoc strives to build empathy in children by teaching them about people and topics different from themselves.


LittleDoc has books, such as When Grandpa Doesn’t Remember Our Jokes, a children's book about a young girl and her grandpa who has Alzheimer's disease. The grandpa starts to forget their inside jokes, which confuses the little girl. Through child-appropriate terms and images, the young reader understands how to feel empathy for the grandpa in the story.

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