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The LinkSquares creative team crafted diverse assets tailored for the company, particularly for our marketing team. Whether it was conceptualizing paid ad campaigns, designing ebooks for ungated content, or compelling organic social media content.

Forecast Report

Each year, the LinkSquares Legal Tech Trends Forecast Report is released. In my role as the sole designer for this project, I created a range of content, spanning from the dynamic digital report to a collection of social assets.

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The LinkSquares website holds important information that ranges from the company blog to event resources. The creative team curates all web pages and animations.

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Ebooks stand as invaluable resources within the Linksquares blog, offering a wealth of knowledge tailored for legal professionals. Our collection spans numerous topics, ranging from things you didn't learn in law school to how to be the best legal team for your company. Each ebook were created from scratch with custom imagery and layouts.


Celtics Advertisment

A notable project was in partnership with the Boston Celtics, which resulted in a 30-second jumbotron ad aired during one of their games. This project epitomized a collective team endeavor, encompassing every stage from initial storyboarding to the polished final product.

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