Burger King

Brand Campaign

While at MullenLowe, the interns had a summer project that they worked on all summer. We were given a client to work on a "mock" pitch for throughout our time there. 

Burger King wanted us to give them different pitches for a potential brand campaign. As a designer for these pitches, my partner and I worked on designing the ideas out together and made the teams ideas come to live.

My Design Partner Jenni Renas

The King of Mars

Strategic Insight


71% of Americans are confident that humans will go to Mars by 2033.  As earth becomes increasingly inhospitable, 18-24 year olds are anticipating their potential future on mars.


Share Your Birthday with A King

Strategic Insight


A survey done on 400 college students (with an average age of 22) found that 49.8% saw their birthday as a motive to receive gifts and 43.7% found it as a motive to treat oneself to a tasty meal.